Thursday, May 18, 2017

Down the home stretch.......................

These horse stall doors in our car porch were rescued from a barn that will be demolished soon. I'm designing a new home for that property, & the owners were very gracious to let me raid the barn for items to re-use & re-purpose.

Soon I'll highlight paint the signs of each horse- Rex, Buttermilk, Chester, & Shadow.

Here are some other photos, as we near the finish line. The large pencil now hanging below the master bedroom was made from a tree that had fallen. I used a chainsaw to transform it into the pencil.

The interior door to the right was once a smaller window from the horse barn. We beefed it up using wood that was leftover from our porch decking. That will be painted soon too.

On the front porch are 2 very hefty rocking chairs that I found in the barn. The deer antlers in the wreath were found on our property. It's really a Christmas wreath, but since I added wine bottle corks all around it, I figure it's good for all year now.

The back porch railing is mainly electrical conduit. It was quite inexpensive to use compared to traditional railings.

The last shot is another view of the back porch. The "garden angel" is a wonderful gift from many years ago. It was once mounted on a post in our garden, but now graces the wall, & is finally protected from the elements.

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James Cohoon said...

Hi Jeff, did you happen to check if there was a makers stamp or signature on those rockers? Just curious.